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We have heard that the Invisalign System is the newest innovation in the world of orthodontics. While traditional braces are known as the scene-stealing dental appliance most of us are embarrassed to use, Invisalign is virtually invisible dental aligners that correct your crooked teeth discreetly and efficiently. So what is the cost of Invisalign and what are the factors that affect its price?


Cost of Invisalign: Types of Invisalign treatment systems


Invisalign Full is the primary and most common Invisalign type. It addresses moderate to severe orthodontic problems and can correct severe teeth and bite issues. Wearing the Invisalign Full treatment can last from 12-18 months. This type would generally cost you around $6000 to $9000 in Australia.


Invisalign Lite is the type used for mild or less complicated teeth misalignment or bite problems. Because the condition is less complex, the treatment period is also shorter, around six months. Typical patients who use this type are those who were not able to retain their corrected teeth alignment after using orthodontic treatments in the past. The cost of Invisalign Lite could range from $4000 to $6500.


Invisalign i7 is the newest version of Invisalign. Invisalign i7 gears towards correcting your teeth alignment in as fast as a three months’ period. This type addresses minor problems with teeth crowding, spacing, or relapse from past orthodontic treatment. It can also be used in relation to other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as the use of dental crowns and veneers. The cost of Invisalign i7 is approximately $3500 to $4000.


Invisalign Teen is for young adults and teenagers who need an orthodontic solution like braces but don’t like the idea of showing it off for the world to see. This Invisalign type adjusts to the child’s growing and maturing teeth and oral cavity. And since kids are impatient and known to be a bit disorganised and inattentive, Invisalign Teen aligners have a compliance technology in the form of a blue indicator. This indicator is a blue dot that fades to show that the aligners have been worn for enough hours during the day. This Invisalign type typically costs around $5000 to $6000.


Note that these price quotations are estimated figures only. These values are our general guide on how much the cost of Invisalign would be in Australia. Inquire with your trusted and chosen dentist about the exact cost of Invisalign type that could address your orthodontic condition.


Cost of Invisalign: What factors affect it

The Invisalign System’s estimated prices vary depending on the following elements:

  • The complexity and severity of your orthodontic problem
  • The number of aligners needed to correct your orthodontic issue
  • The number of modifications and adjustments you would need
  • The amount your dental health insurance may cover
  • The expertise of your chosen Invisalign-certified dentist
  • The location where you want to get your Invisalign treatment



Consider the impact these factors can have to the cost of your Invisalign treatment. Discuss all your concerns with your dentist so that he can advise you and give you enough information on how to handle the cost of Invisalign System.

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