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We have heard a lot of good things about Invisalign, but let’s be honest – we won’t believe it unless we’ve tried it, right? Well, if you are planning to get your teeth aligned using this orthodontic innovation, here are some things you need to know about Invisalign before and after the procedure.


Invisalign before and after: Can it handle my teeth problems?

Invisalign is a popular orthodontic treatment used all over the world to correct misaligned teeth inconspicuously. In fact, more than 5.5 million patients are now enjoying the benefits of using Invisalign. So if you have a bite problem (overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite) or issues with the spacing of your teeth (gapped or overcrowded teeth), Invisalign can handle that and more!


Invisalign before and after: How does it work?


Invisalign takes pride in the way they start and end their orthodontic treatment. Invisalign-trained dentists and orthodontists would take scans of your oral cavity to create a 3D digital treatment plan that focuses on the process of aligning your teeth. This digital plan is the basis for the manufacturing of the dental aligners you are going to use for the whole process. Each set of this aligners is custom-fitted to your teeth and guides them to their appropriate position gradually, so systematic usage of these series of aligners is essential. Your dentist issues you with a few sets of aligners every visit to make sure that you are complying with the treatment process. It can be concluded that if you used the aligners as advised by your dentist and you are up to your last set of aligners, your teeth are already perfectly aligned.


Invisalign before and after: A few reminders

One may ask, ‘what are the considerations I need to think about when it comes to Invisalign before and after my treatment?’ here are some of the things we would like you to take note of when using the Invisalign system.

  • It is removable so you can enjoy your favourite food and drink. You can also easily clean your teeth without any restriction whatsoever!
  • You need to use your dental aligners 20-22 hours a day, every day. This ensures that the treatment you are receiving works.
  • If you are a parent and are worried about your child’s usage of the product, their Invisalign aligners have a compliance indicator (a blue dot) that shows you if they wore it appropriately or not.
  • A set of dental aligners should be worn for 1-2 weeks, depending on the recommendation of your dentist. He will issue you a few sets of aligners at a time that would last until your next visit which may be scheduled every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • The first few days of wearing a new set of aligners may cause discomfort, but give it time, and you’ll get used to it faster than using other orthodontic treatments.
  • You can expect speech difficulties for the first part of the treatment. But don’t worry! Because the dental aligners hug your teeth snugly and are not scratching your tongue, gums, and insides of your cheeks, it would be easier for you to get accustomed to it and go back to your usual way of talking.

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